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Last month was a very busy month. Reset came with some bugs here and there. We did our best to keep everything up. In this post we'll tell you a little bit more about the recent changes we've made. (Most of these things have been mentioned in our Discord server already, this is just to summarize)

Free Lucky Rank (For a month)
I want to start with the new free obtainable rank. If you're lucky you can win the rank from the DailyBonus crates or the Vote crates, if you're lucky that is.

The rank comes with a few perks:
- All the commands from VIP rank
- Swampland biome for your island
- You recieve a free angel wings trail
- /fly, YES free fly finally
- The kit is double the VIP kit and is the only kit that has redstone!
- You also get access to Yellow/Gold colour chat! (/gcc)


You must be VIP or below to redeem the rank.

When you win the rank from the crates you will receive a coupon, which is an item in game. From this point you can choose, you can redeem the coupon to get the rank yourself, by giving it to an Admin, or you can gift it to a friend (or sell it to a stranger).

Crate changes
This has been requested a few times in the past and here it is, the crates have been changed slightly to improve the prizes overall.
- /sit is now available for everyone. It's not in the crate prizes anymore.

Price tag for commands
I'm sure most of you have noticed this already. We've been experimenting with the prices a little and think these are the most reasonable.
- Setwarp: $5000
- Fix/Repair: $250/item
- Smelt: $2/item
- Enchants:
Protection - $200 +$100/level
Fire Protection - $200 +$100/level
Feather Falling - $200 +$100/level
Blast Protection - $200 +$100/level
Projectile Protection - $200 +$100/level
Respiration - $100 +$50/level
Aqua Affinity - $200
Mending - $800
Thorns - $300 +$100/level
Curse of Vanishing - $1000
Depth Strider - $400 +$100/level
Frost Walker - $250 +$100/level
Curse of Binding - $1000
Efficiency - $500 +$150/level
Unbreaking - $500 +$100/level
Fortune - $500 +$150/level
Silk Touch - $800
Looting - $500 +$150/level
Knockback - $300 +$100/level
Fire Aspect - $400 +$100/level
Smite - $300 +$100/level
Sharpness - $300 +$100/level
Bane of Arthropods - $300 +$100/level
Luck of the Sea - $300 +$100/level
Lure - $300 +$100/level
Infinity - $800
Flame - $400
Punch - $300 +$100/level
Power - $300 +$100/level​
These prices were implemented because, lets be honest, they've always been overpowered.

Other small changes
Ever wanted to summon the wither? Now it's possible in the Nether and the End world, but only below y=110.
Setting warps has a limit now. Skymaster has 6 warps and they go up by 2 the higher the rank goes.
/warp gui brings up a nice GUI of all the warps with their owners.

We've had our hands full with OSB after the reset but we finally got the Creative server done. It's now officially open and free to discover. More info on this in the last announcement thread.
OSB 4.0

New stuff
We’ll first talk about the new stuff we got for you. We now have a creative server open for you guys. We’re also connected to a hub, every ip will go to this hub. From this hub you got access to OriginalSkyblock, Skygrid and creative. (You can always access any server from /server in game) Obviously we’ve got all new mazes, a parkour, a pvp arena and ofcourse all the regular builds like spawn, donor zone, tutorial, … are completely new.

New website
We’re happy to announce we’re stepping away from Enjin. We now have a new website, it still works the same just better. All old posts and accounts have been transferred to the new forums. As long as you had posted or had liked a post on the old site, you will be able to log in you with your Enjin email and password. After the first time you login you're free to login using your username.
Remember that old, and annoying, way we showed the top players of the month on the forums? That’s in the past, we now have a page dedicated to top players which is always up to date, not monthly.

Prefix and ranks
We’ve updated all prefixes to a more modern look. For all the haters, too bad we’re keeping these .
We’ve got a “Traveller” rank, which is the default rank. This rank has access to some cosmetics. Pretty much equals member. Then we have “Donor” rank. You earn this rank If you are VIP, Elite, Extreme or Skymaster. Donor has access to more cosmetics, make sure to show off with them. Then there is “Donor+”. This rank is for anyone God+. Guess what, they have even more cosmetics to show off with! Surprising, I know right.
All ranks on this server can be earnt by playing and building. No real money involved. Member, which obviously has all the basic commands. Then we have Builder. Builder only has an extra plot but more features will be added in the future. Architect is the next rank. Yet again only 1 extra plot is added.

Some slight changes

- Trivia only works when 4 or more people are online.
- We got tons of new trivia questions so start studying already!
- Skymaster is only able to set 6 warps now, this limit goes up by 2 with each rank higher.
- The Nether and The end are now only accessable through portals, no more warps.
- Top voter can only be won 1 month in a row now.

Some people were having issue with the OSB Easy Vote™ so here are the links to vote the old fashioned way

I hope you all will enjoy OSB 4.0. I'd like to thank the whole staffteam for their assistance and ofcourse 1stGlitch too.