Skyhubmc Stickers!

We're excited to launch our new Skyhubmc themed stickers (actual size pictured above). Each time a player makes an eligible purchase from our webstore, they will have the option to have a sticker sent to them as a complimentary thank you gift, in addition to receiving their regular perks in game.

So what counts as an "eligible purchase" then?
You'll know if you're eligible to receive a sticker if you see the following option upon checkout:
To be eligible, you must meet 1 of the following 3 requirements:
  1. First time making a purchase and current transaction is for more than $10
  2. Not the first time making a purchase, but current transaction is $50 or more
  3. Not the first time making a purchase, but have purchased a commutative $30 or more worth of goods from our store in the past, have not been sent stickers in the past, and current transaction is for more than $10
So, anytime someone spends more than $50 at our store, they have the option of receiving a sticker.

I already made a purchase, can I get one sent to me for my past purchases?
Maybe. Unfortunately it's just not realistic to retroactively send stickers out to every single past customer, we are however, willing to make an exception if you have made a purchase in the past 6 weeks. So if you've made a purchase from our store in the past 6 weeks that meets the above requirements, you may email us at to request we send you a sticker.

What about shipping? Are there any other fees?
Nope. The sticker, the shipping, and any other costs, are completely on us. It's our way of thanking you for supporting us via your purchase.

How much does it cost to just buy a sticker alone?
We've opt'd to just make the stickers an extra gift for purchasing a digital good, at this time there are no plans to sell them separately.

Are there other alternatives?
At the moment - no, however depending on how this works we are looking into other things (magnets, coasters, etc.)

Happy to answer any questions you may have below,
The mobs have spoken!
They would like some new places in which to gather, converse, and attempt to destroy all those foolish enough to fight them in the arenas!

What does this mean?

It's a call to players to show off your building skills!

I require arenas to put these poor, homeless mobs in.

  • Arenas build area will be 48x48 (3 chunks by 3 chunks)
  • Entries MUST be built on the Creative Competition Build World
  • NO Redstone contraptions
  • NO Water features deeper than 1 block.
  • you can use any material
  • The build MUST include a lobby area, Spectator area is optional.
  • The Lobby needs space for 4 class signs and the start block (iron block)
The Event starts now!
The judgement for the new arenas will take place the start of December
This should give everyone plenty of time to come up with and build ideas.
The top FIVE will be picked to be saved and put into a rotation to allow for the change of arenas from time to time.

The Lobby will also house an NPC Statue of the builder to flaunt.

So want to help the server
want to help out some homeless mobs?
want to flaunt you made a better arena than me?

Then get building at /ccbw

(P.S. The Creative Competition Build World (ccbw) will be cleared after the event)