Ladies and gentlemans, we have arrived at the reset! For that occasion we have decided to host a very special event for everyone!

For 5 days a special server will be running with a challenge, we will select 3 winners based on the most vanilla achievements completed, you will have a very special island assigned to complete this task which is completed with most 1.13.2 new features, treasures to find, ores and a end portal

the 1st winner will win a mobspawner in the opening of the server as well as a new conduit
the 2nd shall have an assortment of precious crate keys to help them kickstart their game
the 3rd will receive a good 4000$ to acquire whatever they need for their new upcoming island

for a fair competition no special perks will be usable for any rank whatsoever for this game. May the best win and have a nice reset event! :D
That's right folks, it's that time of the year where we share generous gifts, drink all of the eggnog in the world and prance around in snow! It's Christmas alright and we are excited to announce all of our current updates!

Christmas Event
All thanks to GanMarco, Sieanx and our staff team we have a very colorful and beautiful map up for the event over /warp christmas. On the map there will be signs which will give you different loot, one sign will unlock each days as the past ones will disappear at the very same time which means if you want to fully take advantage of this year's event, you will have find all signs and patiently open them everydays!

We also have a Christmas sale for the entire month in case you would want to give yourself or someone a special gift! Use the code "Christmas" for a 50% reduction on your donations!

Staff Changes
We are currently facing two different changes over our staff team.

We have decided to give our former helper Swookian a warm goodbye to allow her to concentrate on her projects in her life (we wish you good luck and the best in your future).
As for our second change, we have decided to welcome our newest helper Mariorox1956 to our staff team, make sure to congratulate him if you get the chance!

Lastly, we've decided to promote Rock to Admin (Now he can start his server takeover).