January update

As most of you already know, next month there will be a server reset. 14 February to be exact. This means everything but ranks will be reset and you'll all have a fresh start. BUT before you start complaining, the reset will come with new features and fun stuff to do. We won't give any details on this yet but I can promise it'll be fun ;).

You can now use /savemyis to make a downloadlink for your island. It allows you to download the schematic of your island (if you don't know how to use it I suggest to use youtube for a tutorial). I hope everyone can save their beautiful islands in time for the reset.

Staff changes
BWEmo joined our team as a new helper. Kakalavala and CriptoVirus earned mod.

Always wanted to be staff but never knew how? You can always submit your staff application on the forums under the "Apply" tab. Not getting rejected means there might be a chance for you when we're in need of staff. Make sure to read the requirements first.

Coupon code
I'm sure everyone loves coupons, that's why we are giving you a 25% off coupon right after the reset. This coupon will last for a month.

If you have any questions you can always message one of our staff members on Enjin or Discord (
Hello Everyone! Merry Christmas! (Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saint Nickolas Day, Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Lucia Day, Three Kings Day (or Epiphany), Omisoka, Saturnalia, Yule, and last but certainly not least, Happy Festivus)

As always the top players for last month can be seen here.

It's time for your December OSB News update!

Staff Changes
Our one and only, favourite Moderator, LexiSnow has stepped down. Pirate unfortunately has a tight schedule with school and therefore does not have spare time for OSB right now. She'll be missed and we wish her all the best moving forward!

Christmas Events
As always the staff team has loads of holiday activities planned! To get started you'll need need to head on over to
/warp Christmas where you can participate in the festive maze, the boat-skating rink and of course Santa's workshop, which hosts the advent calendar scavenger hunt!
While you're there, you can admire the giant Santa looming over you, just checking to see if you're being naughty or nice :D

Twitter Giveaway!
Once again we're hosting a holiday twitter giveaway! This one is little different then usual, in order to enter, you have to tweet a selfie of your Minecraft character at /warp Christmas taking part in the festivities! For more information you can see our twitter account here.

Christmas Discounts!
Using the promo code Christmas you will get 50% off your next purchase at the server store! Hurry though because it expires December 31st!

Christmas Prefixes
Just like last year we've changed all the prefixes on the server to match the festivities! Of course you can always check the Tab list or hover over someone's name in chat to see their rank, but here's the list for reference:

[Member] -> [Reindeer]

[VIP] -> [Dasher]

[Elite] -> [Dancer]

[Extreme] -> [Prancer]

[Skymaster] -> [Vixen]

[God] -> [Comet]

[Overlord] -> [Cupid]

[Titan] -> [Donner]

[Immortal] -> [Blitzen]

Here's to another great year of OSB!
~OSB Staff Team