Hey Guys! Happy Halloween!

We've had an eventful couple of weeks, so this post will (hopefully) let everyone know of the latest news as well as clear up all those swirling rumours!

The Future of OSB?
You've probably noticed a lack of activity on the server and forums, it's no secret that we've had a decrease in players. School coming back along with server bugs has not helped the server's popularity. This among other reasons has led to speculation of the server closing. The server is not closing, in fact we're actually in the middle of changing some things on the server backend to make it better!

Staff (and rank) Changes!
I'm sure most of you have read Amanda's post about her resigning, it's unfortunate, but after over 2 years of being staff, I think she deserves a happy retirement!

You may have also noticed that Sammie's statue is no longer at the staff area in spawn. Sammie,
a 3 year veteran of the staff, is taking a step back from the administration team, she'll still be around to help out with some stuff, you just won't see her as much in game.

In light of this, after consulting with the past HeadAdmins, we've changed the ranks around a little. We removed the original [Admin] rank, and [HeadAdmin] is now just [Admin] (it wouldn't make sense having a HeadAdmin without any admins now would it?). We also created a new staff rank, [SrMod] (AKA senior mod). Another small change we made is removing the [TrialStaff] rank.

So to clarify, the staff ranks now go
[Helper] -> [Mod] -> [SrMod] -> [Admin] and of course, [Server Owner]

Planned Features!
As your new (Head)Admin, I've already had some really positive conversations with the other staff, and we have some really great ideas moving forward!
One of which has all ready been put into place: OSB's
annual Halloween event was built as a collaberative effort between staff, it's all setup and ready to go and you can see it at "/warp Halloween".
If you don't get too scared and leave, prizes can be found...

Fixed Bugs:
- We've fixed the rewards at the end of the parkours.
- There was a bug where you couldn't always see staff in the tab list, this is now fixed.

Like I said, we have lots planned, but in the mean time we want to hear from you guys! What do you want to see on OSB? We're keeping a very close eye on the suggestions section of the forums...

That's all for now,

~OSB Staff Team
Do you have no motivation to vote because you're already extreme or higher? Well, be ready to compete for top voter again because we are changing the prize! Now, the top voter, no matter what rank, will win a $30 coupon code for our online store. This code will be good for one use and can be given to another player.

*Note*: The prize will stay the equivalent price of extreme. The coupon will fluctuate with any discounts we are having at the time. For example, if we are having a 50% off discount, the coupon will be good for $15.