With this summer, we're releasing a handful of changes! This is the biggest event we're probably going to have this year, so we hope you enjoy it!

New Spawn
That's right, with the help of our wonderful builder: GanMarco__, we have a brand-new spawn, donor area, shop, which is just begging to be explored! But wait there's more, this spawn will finally include the ability to /fly directly in the spawn; making exploring much easier!​

The Summer Event

This summer we're releasing the biggest event this year (probably)! This event has a pirate theme and was built by RockRevenchy and Sieanx. This event will also be host to a new Decorations crate, (Series Two) with another 180 different heads for you to decorate your islands with a summer feel. The event has 2 "minigames", you can left-click sand blocks to "dig" the sand and find loot as if you were a pirate. There's also 20 hidden buttons dotted around the event for players to find; upon finding them all, a hidden cove will be unlocked for the player to access! Don't worry the buttons aren't the ones in the road, they should be pretty obvious.​

Some Other Changes

We're proud to announce RockRevenchy's promotion from Helper to Mod! He's done a superb job at helping wherever he could, and would make his best effort to do a moderators job even as a Helper. Good job Rock, and congratulations!

There's a new parkour made by Shaunie, visit it at /warp pk2; a new pvp arena made by Rock, it replaced the old one!

There were some tweaks made to crates, hopefully making people want to actually use their keys!​
Spring Update
Happy Easter, everyone! In this post we're going to walk about some new updates and the Easter Event. As per tradition, we'll be having an Easter Coupon (25% off) until the 15th, be sure to buy a rank in time! Use code "Easter"

Easter Event
This year's Easter event will be home to a new maze, a special Easter egg hunt, and a new crate! This maze is special, it is way bigger than normal. This means the prize is also way bigger, there are eggs hidden around inside the maze with a total worth of $74,000! As for the Easter egg hunt, we won't be telling you what's inside the eggs as you don't know what's inside of an Easter egg until you open it! There are 28 eggs hidden around /warp easter and some might require some close inspection to find! There's also little versions of some community members, maybe you'll find yourself, give it a look!

New Crate
Unlike the normal crates available at /warp crates, this crate is a very unique and special one. This crate is known as the Decorations Crate and contains 180 unique heads for decoration! These heads range from Bread and Toasters, to Dogs and Pokemon, all the way to a set of Dragon Balls from Dragon Ball Z. You can earn some keys by participating in the Easter event or you can just buy some keys at the crate, /warp decorations! Keys go for $1500 per key, and here's a fun fact for you: it would cost $270,000 to get every single head in the crate, if you're extremely lucky and get a different head every time you opened it!

Movie Night
We'll be hosting OSB Movie Nights from this point forward! More information will be available on the discord later!

Generic Updates
  • All crates have been reworked yet again! I do believe it's worth using your keys now!
  • Trails have been removed from the crates, this means there's no way to obtain them in-game, without buying them from the site. We're working on a way to reintroduce them, so they might come back in a future update.
  • Crates will also now tell you what you received from them in chat!
  • Minecart hoppers are no longer accessible by non-trusted/members of your islands, however they will not be able to be used for transferring items in/out of inventories. This is because if we allowed them to do just that, there would no longer be any chest protection! Sorry about that, but we'll see what we can do!
Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, here's some nice pictures of the Easter event!