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    Hello, 1stGlitch here, when you first read the title of this you probably thought that I was suggesting that the server be updated to 1.8, which a lot of people want and if it were plausible it would be by now. In fact I am NOT suggesting that the server be updated to 1.8. I am only suggesting that 1.8 items are added, now if you are extremely confused by this, then keep reading the questions are answers below.

    What are you talking about the server is already 1.8?? Actually no, the server is running 1.7 but allowing the 1.8 client protocol, it is a clever little protocol "hack" that many servers use, it is actually built into spigot these days which is the server software that many servers use.

    How is it possible to add 1.8 items without updating to 1.8? Well, the clients that are connecting are updated to Minecraft 1.8 and all the necessary code is on the client, when you try and craft a 1.8 item your client instantly assumes the crafting recipe for said item and puts it in the output slot, then your client sends a packet to the server verifying that it is indeed a crafting recipe, in this case the server will send a packet back saying it is NOT a crafting recipe and your client will remove the item from the output slot. This is why when you try to craft a slime block it pops up for a second in the output slot then disappears. If you can get the server to send a packet back saying that it is a crafting recipe and it is a real block then it will let you craft, place and interact with it. This is basically a way of "tricking" the server.

    How can this be easily accomplished? Well, when the spigot 1.8 protocol hack was first released tons of people wanted this, so, a guy named "NavidK0" made it a plugin! It's called Carbon and can be downloaded from the spigot website (Link) Note: I did not make this plugin nor and I claiming responsibility to have made it, I merely understand how it works and am recommending it. The plugin is technically discontinued since full spigot 1.8 has been released, but it still works fine.

    How do you know all this information? Well I use to own a server myself and i'm also an amateur plugin developer particularly specializing in the field of packets.

    That's all for now, I hope you consider this suggestion assuming it has not been considered already at a prior date and decided against. Question/comment for me? Post below!

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