Borked's Mute Appeal

Discussion in 'Appeals' started by Borked, Aug 7, 2019.

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    Are you disputing a ban, mute or jail?
    I am disputing a mute.

    Why was this punishment given?
    The punishment was given on or around June 21st, 2018.

    Who administered this punishment?
    Kakalavala, although since the incident, RockRevenchy has exclusively been given the right to unmute me.

    Do you feel as if you don't deserve this punishment?
    I feel as if I don't deserve a permanent mute. I have been muted for well over a year, and for a couple months I tried to show that I have improved upon myself. At the time, I certainly deserved some sort of temporary punishment, but I do not believe I am deserving of a permanent mute.

    If you feel as if you didn't deserve it, do you have proof showing why?
    I do not have any proof regarding this incident.

    Why should we lift your punishment?
    The punishment should be lifted in my opinion, as it is unfair. I have been told that if I improved my behavior, I would be unmuted. I certainly improved my behavior for a couple of months, although there is no way to show that when I am completely muted on the server. Then I vanished for the most part for several months, because it seemed like nothing would happen. I felt like I would continue to stay muted irregardless of what I tried to do to make it better.

    Anything else you would like us to know?
    Since Kakalavala originally banned me regarding my harassment against RockRevenchy, 1stGlitch decided to let RockRevenchy oversee this specific incident. RockRevenchy is the only member of staff that may unmute me. I have tried to get in contact with RockRevenchy several times, but it never leads anywhere. RockRevenchy never lets me know what more I can do to get unmuted. Even on my best behavior, I continue to be essentially ghosted by staff regarding this matter. My goal is to get some additional information, and hopefully I can be unmuted. I have no ill-will towards any staff. I was simply rude to RockRevenchy (and other staff in the past), but since then, I have made amends with most of those staff members. I do fair as if I have been treated unfairly over the past several months regarding the matter.

    TL;DR I have been a very mean spirited person in the past, but I feel that I have changed. I certainly made a handful of mistakes on the server, but I'd love to be unmuted and join the community once again. I just want the staff to be transparent regarding this issue. I feel that my punishment has exceeded the amount of time it should have been, and I feel that it is time that I should be unmuted.
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    I will grant you a chance to prove yourself now that it has been over a year and since I believe one can improve in such a time.

    However staff is informed to keep and eye and off course I will not allow anymore mishaps.

    But since you do seem to want to redeem yourself, and assuming you are indeed coming from a good change of heart, have fun and enjoy your stay.
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