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Discussion in 'Website and Server Suggestions' started by Swookian123, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Hello all who care to read this, I'm Swookian123. Last night, kaka gave me a chance to tour the summer event map so I could compare it to the Halloween map in hopes of finding what makes the Halloween map so popular by comparison. Here are a few ideas I had while I was exploring the summer map:

    1) A craftable trophy. I've noticed that there are custom entities around the halloween and summer event maps, so why not implement a trophy as a reward for exploring the Christmas map? It doesn't even have to be that fancy, it just has to be unique, and require several pieces that can only be obtained from the event map.

    2) Add cooperative events to the event map in addition to solo events. Yes, there are players on the server who don't talk, and there are the lone wolves, so this might not appeal to everyone. However, one of the main problems that was discussed last night was how players walk each other through event maps, ruining the purpose of them. So, why not encourage this sort of cooperation rather than combat it? Look to coop player games for inspiration, create puzzles and challenges that can only be accomplished through teamwork. For the solo players, staff or volunteers could team up with them and help them through the puzzles.

    I'm not saying every single event in the Christmas map should be cooperative, but a large portion of them should. It would increase the longevity of the event map, as well as give players an opportunity to get to know each other, to invite their friends, and to help those shy players who never speak up in chat a way to get involved with the community. Also, to encourage coop play, the rewards from coop should be much greater than the rewards for the solo challenges. What the reward is will have to be thought of down the road. Trophy pieces? Event currency? Unique memorabilia? Who knows

    3) Put in as many secrets as you can think of. Reward players for exploring the map by implementing as many easter eggs as you can think of. They don't all have to be grand, in your face easter eggs, but a reward for going off the beaten path would be nice. I would recommend some kind of reward (NOT. MONEY. Or resources) for finding some of the more difficult easter eggs, like maybe a commemorative poster that's not available from a shop or something like that. Something that will make people feel happy for finding the easter egg, but not something that will cause everyone to start holding each other's hands to find the easter eggs. Yes, that contradicts point 2, but as I also said in point 2, not everything should be cooperative. We do have solo players in the server, so there have to be things for solo players to do.

    4) Keep the in game currency and crate. One of my favorite things about the halloween map is the opportunity to get something unique out of the crates. I don't even care if they have a practical use or not, just having an awesome souvenir that I get to keep and look at and can't get anywhere else is awesome!

    The ectoplasm and halloween crate give players heavy incentive to come back to the halloween map and continue to play. Killing isn't really in the spirit of Christmas under normal circumstances, so.. There should be alternative means of acquiring this holiday currency, such as quests for Santa, the reindeer, certain elves, and maybe a friendly abominable snowman or something like that as an easter egg. Something you wouldn't expect. However, hunting mobs is a good way to dish out currency, which brings me to my next suggestion...

    5) A boss fight. Obviously it shouldn't be something like Santa, that would be dumb and ruin the atmosphere of the map. The boss mob should be something threatening the spirit of Christmas, the holiday in general.. maybe Krampus or something equally sinister. Or something more lighthearted, like Jack Frost. Heck, why not both?

    In addition to the boss fight mob, there should also be some sort of hostile mobs that have appeared as a result of the boss monster... perhaps corrupted elves, evil snowmen, stuff like that that would be contained to certain areas of the map.

    6) Here's a list of potential areas and easter egg characters for the map:

    (I don't expect all these to be implemented, as it's a large list and a tall order. However, I feel giving a lot of different ideas will give you guys the opportunity to make the best map possible)

    -Santa's workshop
    -Cave of the Abominable Snowman
    -Christmas Tree Forest
    -Reindeer barn
    -Elf village
    -Krampus' lair
    -Santa's house
    -Monument to the ghosts of Christmas (recommend as a combat area)
    -Ice caves
    -Grinch's cave
    -Jack Frost's house
    -Rudolph's old home
    -Frosty the Snowman
    -Admins frozen in an iceberg
    -Snowball fight
    -Hot cocoa bar
    -Santa's sleigh
    -Candy Cane Forest
    -Elf Jail (Have it in ruins and allow corrupted elves to spawn there. In map lore, one of the bosses could have broken them out)
    -Gingerbread house
    -Polar Express
    -Jack from Nightmare before Christmas

    7) Custom rewards

    Again, I don't expect all of these to be implemented, but a long list gives lots of possibilities.

    -Trophy for exploring and finishing multiple puzzles
    -Santa's Suit (hat, chest piece, leggings and boots, purely cosmetic, would look great on an armor stand, add a ridiculous but mostly useless enchantment to them like unbreaking 30000 so people can't enchant)
    -Candy Canes (currency)
    -Hot cocoa
    -Gingerbread cookies
    -Presents (either crate reward OR one spawns at a time around the map. This prevents farming, especially if it's randomized)
    -Frosty the Snowman (pet)
    -Elf (pet)
    -Candy Cane Dagger (rare drop from corrupt elf, specifically around prison)
    -Santa banner / poster
    -Frosty banner / poster
    -Elf banner / poster
    -Reindeer banner / poster
    -Reindeer corn (edible, gives flight for a short amount of time)
    -Frosty's top hat (quest reward, allows you to spawn a frosty the snowman)
    -Santa's Sleigh Bell
    -Dark christmas toys (see Nightmare before Christmas)
    -Random toys (fireworks, party poppers, candy, passive "festivized" mobs in mini form, etc)
    -Jack Frost's spell book (frost walker enchant book, thorns, anything that could be thought of as coming from extreme cold)
    -Key to Jack's World (the halloween world from Nightmare before Christmas, gives that player access to that warp upon use, could be good, could be bad)

    This is all I've got for now, I hope these are useful to you. I'll come back and make a new post or edit this one if I come up with any new ideas :)

    Thanks again to kaka and mamba for giving me the opportunity to explore the summer event map! I loved it, all staff involved (wasn't here for it so don't know who all was involved) did an INCREDIBLE job on it. I can't wait to see what the Christmas event map will be, and I hope I can have a hand in creating it <3
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    This feedbacks really valuable, its great to hear other players vocal about what they'd like to see in the upcoming maps, some things on the list I can see being really useful ideas, crates are a given with most events we do, the events usually done now contain crates of their own with their own set of currency to encourage players to farm or grind for unique rewards so we may see it staying as an idea.

    I like a lot of suggests on the list, it will definitely be a discussion point on plans and ideas, I hope Kaka and Rocky appear on this thread to comment, I like the idea of giant mobs or bosses although its not been tried yet it could be interesting to see how the mechanics would work with a playerbase. The gift plugin has always been the norm for Christmas but it might be changed to something more adventurous :eek:

    Definitely be interesting this year, thanks for ideas and feedback c:

    (EDITED) Side thing too, disregard my forum signature, I have read the post and do take your suggestions into account :D
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    To start the reply, this is a very interesting post and I like ppl giving their perspective on the matter and some of your stuff was suggested, I would also like to mention the step between the summer and the halloween map was different as I was starting in staff this summer so I might have lacked the confidence to output ideas and work the plan out for the map while halloween, well I didnt have my hand tied so tight this time ;p

    I wont answer everything here but I will keep some suggestions and answer the overall post ;p
    1)- so there is 2 issues to be addressed in this proposition (even know I like it), the first being, I cannot give just anything since some items in quantity (such as the lantern from halloween) can cause lag (mostly for clients) but if we do give stuff that would be easier on lag we would run then into the issue number 2, I as a matter of fact tried to make such a thing and failed as the item would require too many NBT tags held, it end up being an unstable item that can easily lose its capacity, while not impossible, we lacked time to figure this out

    2)- I have put cooperative challenges onto the table a few times and still have the idea of those in my bucket, while I can put it on things such as side quests or challenges like the jumping puzzles always were, I cannot make coop take too much space and force it too much as it would leave people who cant speak english well, have social anxiety, are lone wolves and etc. out and it could potentially make the event less popular but like I said, just a touch of cooperation is and was one of my ideas as well and might be in

    3)- due to the lack of time, I unfortunately could not make as many easter eggs as desired on this map but it is something I often take into consideration and try to input (such as "Teh mustard soord", the pug factory, jordan and sgt escaping from prison and etc. from summer map)

    4)- glad you like the idea of ingame currency ;p

    5)-A boss fight is something we lacked and I looked into, it is a good idea and this could be seen in the future

    6)-*takes notes*

    7)-*still taking notes*
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    4 years and 140 threads in the suggestions sections of the forums, and finally the day has come that I actually see one I like. Good job. I guess I'll go through the list cause why not (even though I may or may not have actually seen the Halloween event yet...)

    1. Yes. (Some of the problems Rock mentioned may be able to be figured out with a little bit of code)

    2. This has been done in the past, due to declining numbers in players it made it quite difficult to find people to partner up with, perhaps it could be encouraged further with its own discord chat or something.

    3. Yes. The Easter event had quite a bit of this (including actual Easter eggs). Soveneirs are best because it won't destroy the economy (which is a problem we use to have with events) but it still gives people something to jam in an item frame and show off.

    4. Annnd I basically just said this exact thing in number 3... Glad everyone is on the same page

    5. Yeah some sort of mob arena like boss fight would be cool, especially when combined with point #2 (once again if there is enough people on to actually do it) would have been great for this event, but I'm sure someone can make up a story line about a massive snowman kidnapping Santa or something (Yeah I'm not a creative person).

    6. Yep all cool stuff

    7. Lots of neat stuff here too

    We'll now I'm in the Christmas mood and it's hardly even October...

    Thanks for a suggestion that is actually good and informative,

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  5. Swookian123

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    Glad to hear you guys like my list of ideas! I'm hoping that we can make the Christmas map something that can really wow people. Not that the Halloween map isn't good rock <3 I loved exploring it, my only complaint was the lack of easter eggs and secrets. (Then again you can never have enough in my opinion)

    While I hear and understand why cooperative puzzles are difficult to pull off now due to declining numbers, language barriers and lone wolf types, there are benefits to be had from encouraging a cooperative attitude with the Christmas map, including (but not limited to) increased theoretical server traffic, strengthening the community, and making puzzles and challenges just that extra bit of fun and challenging.

    For the lone wolfs and people affected by the language barrier, encourage them to invite their friends that have Minecraft! Yeah, inevitably some will just come for the event and that will be the end of that. However, there will also likely be some that show up, stay after the holiday event, and set up shop on this server. We just need to find a good enough incentive to encourage this, something people can't refuse. I know I've emphasized that before, and we're trying to make the server less economy focused, but this is the only way I can see cooperative increasing server traffic, something we could really use right now.

    The very nature of a cooperative challenge would force players to interact more. People would be forced to go out and make new friends, discuss strategies with other groups of players, and more. I've been told the most important part of OSB is the community.. well, what better way to bring a community of gamers together than by presenting them with a challenge where they have to work together?

    (Side note, forgot to acknowledge the possibility of the no frienders, as I was and still am kind of in that group outside of OSB.. Ask for volunteers who will be at the ready to help! Give them a volunteer rank and glorify it a little bit to entice people. Not too much or we'll get people volunteering for the wrong reasons.. And if there aren't enough volunteers, some of you lovely staff could maybe partner up with people?)

    A little extra challenge can make for a whole lot of fun if you know how to work it. Not only that, but working with other people can make a challenge seem like less of a chore and more like a fun time. The Halloween parkour is a good example of this... I. Suck. At parkour. It took me five hours to beat that god forsaken thing... but I digress, I'm bad at parkour, there are people who beat it much sooner than me. Anyway, getting off topic.

    I was about to give up, when a player came along, Esu700 or something like that (sorry bad with names) and he offered to do it with me, even after he beat it. I was brain dead from all the grinding I'd done trying to complete that parkour course, but you know what? Having someone there watching, helping, giving advice, and just talking to made it a million times more enjoyable! And not long after he joined me, I beat the parkour! I'm sure at least some of the people reading this have had at least one similar experience, be it in Minecraft, another video game, or even IRL.

    We need a way to bring in more server traffic, not just so the server can survive, but also to revitalize the community and retain more new players. I think a cooperative holiday map would be an excellent way to do it, especially if the benefits of completing the cooperative events are so great that people just HAVE to get their hands on them. Sorry if this got a bit ranty, or what not, just trying to present my case; a cooperative event would do wonders for the server traffic, community health, and fun factor of the event.
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    i would love to help build the Christmas warp and the more people you have build the warp the better just like doing your own island :)

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