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    For some context, a player asked at some point what mods were tolerated on the server and a staff came in and said something along the lines of "as long as it's just clientside visual features"

    the chat pretty much went berserk right after as to ask if that and that was legal then so I thought I'd simply create this thread to actually ask what's actually tolerated as some clientside mods might seem a bit overpowered. I,ll just list a few that was asked to my knowledge

    Minimaps mods
    (such as voxelmap or journeymap)
    plus: most people wishes to see a minimap and in the current times we're quite used to have one to see and understand our surrounding and grant a way to see positions without having to watch closely F3
    cons: would make the mazes much easier

    Light mods
    (such as dynamic lightning or spawn detector (or NEI (it has this feature included))
    plus: allows for some neat interaction with light sources which should be logical to do and of course help with immersion (on minecraft, ikr ?) and well, be able to see in the dark or in some other mods cases seeing where mobs can spawn
    cons: renders /nv (or the potion itself) useless or easy to walk our way around and allow with just a glance at the screen (in other mods cases) to see where mobs can spawn (and therefore help preventing it)

    Inventory managing mods
    (such as inventory tweak)
    plus: grant overall comfort and helps a whole lot on many details, such as giving a new set of stacks upon using the last one completely, putting order in the inventory and chest, preventing tools to break by moving them out of the way when almost broken
    cons: while it isnt often seen as very overpowered as other mods it does raise the question about moving items very fast and automatically

    Macro mod
    (such as macro / keybinds mod)
    plus: basically can be used as an easier and more comfortable way to input commands without repeatedly typing the command
    cons: makes it very easy to repeat the use of a command or exploit the macros for means like trivia questions

    Project mods
    (such as schematica)
    plus: allows one to build something in creative then replicate a visual hologram of the project which makes the conversion between planning and building much easier
    cons: mods such as these often include an auto printer feature which if activated could be somewhat op as the player no longer needs to make any effort except for gathering the resources to build the said project

    WorldDownloader mods
    (such as worlddownloader)
    plus: gives a player the ability to keep their own builds for themselves for nostalgia or for their collection
    cons: while it has a very neat positive side to it, it can also be used to steal builds or worst examine certain builds such as mazes or hidden secrets

    I'm obviously not going to mention mods such as autofishing, xray mods, auto bots, kill auras / aimbots and other stuff like that since those are pretty easy to answer without any external judgement.
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    I think i'll add my 2 cents here:

    Minimaps mods:
    I use one myself, very useful for keeping waypoints and such, I personally don't see a problem with it.... Actually I never thought of using to it make the mazes easier, so that's a good point, but overall I think still minimaps are super useful and should be allowed.

    Light mods:
    I use a spawn detecting light mod. Once again, very useful, especially for skyblock where placing torches is an essential part of surviving. As for "gamma" or "full bright" mods, these could be problematic because some of the mazes are purposely dark to make them more difficult, and of course, your point with night vision becoming useless.

    Inventory managing mods:
    Yeah... I use this one too, the server blocks a lot of the fast item movement functions. I believe it has something to do with blocking the "auto soup" hack which is fair, although since this is skyblock hopefully those inventory checks can be loosened up a bit because I personally don't see an issue with people using this.

    Macro mod:
    Surprise, Surprise, I use that this one too. I don't see an issue with it, it's purely for convenience, sure you COULD use it for spam but the spam protection should take care of that, plus there are many other mods made just for spamming if that's what someone wanted to do. I do see what you mean about chat trivia, but there are 250+ trivia questions and staff would notice if someone started answering them in under 1 second (it has happened before).

    Project mods:
    I USE to use this, but not anymore, and I don't think it should be allowed. Reason is we don't need people using printer to automatically print farms, we don't need people downloading builds and rebuilding them and claiming them to be their own, and we certainly don't need people saving schematics of server builds like spawn. About 3 weeks before a reset they provide players with a command to download a schematic of their island for safekeeping, so this mod is really not needed.

    WorldDownloader mods:
    Have used this one in the past as well, don't think it should be allowed for the same reasons as Project mods.

    Thanks for the post,

    Disclaimer: These of just my opinions on specific mods, it is always the staff's decision on which modifications are allowed. :)
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    (since some players used that post in a debate I feel as if I should add some precision here, this post was written as a Question not as a statement, also this post was written before I was staff which is why I am expressing myself without holding anything back and without thinking this would or could be used against me)

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