Goodbye OSB 2.0

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    As many of you guys who are updated on the fourms know, OSB will be getting a reset in just 6 days. Hard to believe that just 7 short months ago OSB had a reset due to a problem with the island which were being deleted due to a problem which with the help of some of the best staff who helped restart the server. Since the reset Reags, Sammie, Yanny, Emma, Senpai, have left or quit the staff team. But on to the main part of this post, memories which were had on the server. These can range from anything to people you met, builds you made, or accomplishments that you had. Please post your memories below.

    July 30th 2016 around 11:25pm: I was on Team Speak with Pro Lexi and Ella, we were playing on another skyblock server (WHICH WON'T BE NAMED) when I hear Ella say "Guys it's back on;" to which we all left the server and came back to here to find 5-7 other people online (Mostly staff) this began my 7 month journey to be the most active player for the reset. From August to February 7th I have managed to log online every single day to which I had over 700 hours of playtime (yea I have no life). I have managed to be on baltop 1 with $1Million, hit 20thousand island level (YEA I HAVE NO LIFE) and be 2nd on top play time for 2 months in arrow (YEA I HAVE NO LIFE).
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    im not sure but i think woofer has a life, can someone clarify?

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