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    Hello :p Most of you know me my name is DinosaurMode I have been on original skyblock for 3 years now and my birthday is May 1, I turned 15 in May. I have a youtube channel that I rather not share heh, I am a average builder, I owned a skyblock server a while back but it was shutdown due to my income that I was making so therefore I know a little bit about plugins, I had a lot of infractions back then but here on out I have matured and I haven't gotten banned nor muted since. I follow all the rules and I will continue to respect everyone!! :d If you need help with building or if you want some materials feel free to /mail me if im not online because I will assist you to the best of my ability! Have a good day!

    on second thought I don't even upload but I will start to so here is my intro for my youtube channel. :)

    Youtube Intro
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