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    May 1, 2015
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    Hi i'm 1stGlitch but you can call me Glitch, other alias's include Glitch_01 and firstGlitch.
    My friend Kazzillyown also has a few horrible nicknames for me but I think i'll keep those to myself.

    So first off it's gonna be pretty well impossible to top Kazz's thread so i'm going to keep it short

    My Minecraft history dates back to the early days of 1.2 beta, I officially bought the game when it went on sale for a few days just before it was formally released.

    Had a helper and moderator rank in the past, technically I was an Admin of my own server but I don't think that counts

    I was told about this server by Kazz after we got tired of AFKing for hours waiting for wheat to grow on another server because the server had tick rates turned way down. I think the idea of a vanilla nether on this server is a pretty cool twist.

    Anyways I said that I was going to make this short and I am so see you in game!


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