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    This post is mainly so there's 1 place for information on the rank and maybe will clear up any ever-present questions regarding the rank.

    What commands does it have?
    • All commands present in VIP
    • /fly
    What other perks are there?
    • Access to the donor shop without ever needed to donate!
    • Access to all perks VIP has
    • The Lucky rank kit
    • You get the Gold colour chat, and the Yellow colour chat
    What's in the kit?

    Other rank info:

    • It will last 1 month from when you claim it. (It tells you when you join how much time you have left before it expires.)
    • You do not automatically claim it upon receiving it. You MUST give the coupon to an Admin in order to claim the rank.
    • You cannot be above the rank of Elite to claim it. (I know the old post says VIP, it was changed to Elite and I'm too lazy to go back and update it.)
    • There are no "rank transfers" or refunds regarding the Lucky rank.
    If you have any other questions that were not answered here, feel free to ask.
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