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Discussion in 'Website and Server Suggestions' started by zjobke, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Jun 26, 2016
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    I think having multiple Islands as donor would be a great feature. This is my suggestion:
    Member+ = 1 island
    Elite+ = 2 islands
    Skymaster+ = 3 islands
    Overlord+ = 4 islands
    Immortal+ = 5 islands
    Mystic+ = 8 islands
    I personally chose these ranks to get this extra feature because I think those are the more unwanted ranks, and this gives them something extra.
    Let me know if you like this idea or if you're against it. also share your suggestions.
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    Feb 4, 2015
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    This topic has been covered before on this thread,
    But it does sound cool to have more than one island, except for the fact of having let's say, 8 islands. The islands are already giant enough, being covered by 600x600, and the fact that the y level is also 256 blocks makes it even bigger. If you have actually tried to fill all that space, it's incredibly hard to do and time consuming. Sure people can see some of the ugly parts of the island such as farms and whatnot, but the idea of having more than one island is pretty absurd, seeing as people can create as many islands as they want without a problem. Another problem that rises is how you are going to be able to manage all these islands? Let's say you want to delete an island and reset it, well how would we go about doing that? Maybe we could have an island system where you can name them as Island 1 - 8 or different names, but then there is also that factor of someone misclicking and deleting the wrong island on accident. With more than one island, the other islands will be unloaded surely, so if you plan to have farms on any other island they will be of no use as you can't have them loaded all the time, let alone do more than one thing on all of them. And as previously mentioned, you can simply have another alt, have them create an island, trust you, and boom 2 islands. The concept sounds great on paper, like "Oh, these ranks aren't bought often, so let's give them something that people would want to buy more and have it be a benefit to everyone." But then again, donors already get a crap TON of perks, which in the long run makes this even more of a Pay2Win server seeing as the only way to get more islands is to buy a rank, or buy another minecraft account. I think if we do somehow manage to implement this idea, it should be for everyone and the limit of only 2 or maybe 3 islands. Because in reality, we have lived with the 600x600 idea for a few years and it has worked great, and I have yet to see anyone complain about there never being enough space, only that some of it looks ugly, so my thought to you, is to make that ugly farm, into something cool.

    Having more than one island is not very needed, and if it was implemented, it should be for all and have a limit of 2-3 Islands as anything bigger is just pointless.
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