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Discussion in 'Introduce your self!' started by Ellyohna, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Ellyohna

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    Apr 6, 2015
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    Hello beautiful people of OSB (and that means you too)

    I'm the quiet one but I do pay attention. I guess that makes me a troll of sorts because I've learned who you are by your interaction(s) with others in chat. Well, a little about me:

    I am the 3rd oldest person currently playing on OSB and I share my island with the oldest, current player. I also share my life with him. We have 2 children that also share the island with us, although they don't play as often as I do.

    I have A LOT of time on my hands. I'm a stay-at-home Mom and my children are very self-sufficient. They cook their own meals and maintain their own belongings so, there isn't much "hovering" that I have to do to make sure the household runs smoothly.

    You may have also wondered WHY I have so much time to kill. Its because I'm bound to a wheelchair and I haven't really gotten use to it. I'm use to walking on my own two feet but now I lack the physical strength I use to have (I can still walk a few feet at a time though). It doesn't get me down so, don't feel it is a touchy subject to bring up to me. I'm a very 'down to earth' kind of person. If you need an adult's view of something going on in your life and need any advise, be assured I will give you an honest answer. I gain nothing by lying to you.

    I'm here to have fun like most of you. I think staff are doing a wonderful job of keeping the servers running and keeping the peace among all of us. Don't hate on them just because you don't like a decision they've made. You wouldn't BELIEVE the amount of abuse they endure from disgruntled players just to ensure YOUR enjoyment. Give them a break. They deserve it.

    Ok, enough with my time in the spotlight. Let's play! :d

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  2. LookAtMrLee

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    Nov 16, 2014
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    Hey Elly,

    I do agree I haven't really seen you speak much aha but I always see you on. I think it's pretty awesome that your family plays on Minecraft, let alone all on the same server. I'm glad you all like it here, I'm pretty sure I have seen you on ever since I have been part of the team which is about a year ish now. You've always been around as far as my memory can recall.

    Sorry the server isn't up at the moment, we are having a few technical issues with our hosts, but I am trying to get it back up as soon as possible.

    See you on the server soon hopefully :)

  3. Cycalism

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    Apr 16, 2016
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    Er meh gerd elly spoke this is the apocalypse
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  4. _Radioactive_

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    Nov 11, 2014
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    You should apply for staff.
  5. 1stGlitch

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    May 1, 2015
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    Rest in peace Ellyohna, the "mom" of the entire server. A great person, staff member and friend. Gone but never forgotten.

    ~Glitch :cry:
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  6. Shauniee

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    Aug 10, 2015
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    I didn't know Elly too well unfortunately but what I did know of her is that she was so family oriented, she shared an island with her family and they all built and played together and that was just so special.. Such a wonderful and lovely woman.

    R.I.P Elly, You will be missed.
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  7. nateandaj

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    Aug 24, 2017
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    I remember seeing Elly on all the time ever since ive first joined the server i didnt know her too much but she always was happy and joyful and overall a wonderful person and its sad to see nice people like her go. R.I.P Elly, she will forever be in our hearts. <3
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