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    It's October now and you know what that means... it's spooky time.

    The Halloween Event
    The Halloween Event (at /warp Halloween) this year was put together by the handsome rouge RockRevenchy and the alright Sieanx with help from the mediocre (just kidding, he does alright) Helper, themainmamba.

    Now, what exactly do you do in the event? Well there's multiple things going on like most of our events. Firstly, you can "trick or treat" by left-clicking the top of doors; Secondly, you can take part in the Ghost Hunt. Ghosts will spawn around the map dropped special items which can be traded with one of the two traders on the map. Lastly, there's a new Halloween crate setup in the event that'll only be here during October.

    The Halloween sale is on as well, use code "Halloween" for 25% off your spooky purchases.

    Some prefix changes will be happening for Halloween as well:

    [Member] -> [TownsFolk]
    [VIP] -> [Skeleton]
    [Elite] -> [Ghost]
    [Lucky] -> [Vampire]
    [Extreme] -> [Wraith]
    [SkyMaster] -> [Poltergeist]
    [God] -> [Witch]
    [Overlord] -> [Lich]
    [Titan] -> [Banshee]
    [Immortal] -> [GrimReaper]
    A New Mini-game
    Along with the Halloween event, we're releasing a new mini-game to OSB called "StickBattles."
    In this mini-game each player is given a stick with the goal of either killing the other players, or knocking them off the stage. Imagine Super Smash Bros., but not really.

    Each player will receive knockback based on their health, the more health, the less knockback. There's also a "ground pound" ability as well as a "recovery." The "ground pound" will only work once you've gone high enough up into the air, and landed near (or on) some players. The "recovery" will allow you to rush towards the direction you're facing.

    Throughout the game, items will spawn at item spawning locations, you can pick up the item and see how to use it. Now for the big boy: The Golden Stick. The Golden Stick spawns at the middle of the stage and will deal a total of 5 hearts of damage, and throw the victim a fair distance.

    This should be all the information you need to get started playing StickBattles. The more you play, the more you'll understand it. Keep in mind that the game is in Open Beta, so please do report all bugs to the @Staff.

    You can join a StickBattles game with "/stb join." Btw did I mention that you get paid $100 per kill, $300 just for playing, and an additional $1000 for winning?
    Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend
    Everyone's favourite homosexual Admin, Shaunie, has decided to step down from his position as Admin. Shaunie did the best he could as Admin, but life is getting the better of him. He said he was struggling to find time for OSB within his life, and decided to step down because of it.
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    We’ll miss you, Shaunie. Enjoy your life.

    On an unrelated note:
    Rock is red confirmed lol
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    Best of Luck to you Shaunie. Hope you will find a spare minute to visit occasionally. [​IMG]
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