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    With this summer, we're releasing a handful of changes! This is the biggest event we're probably going to have this year, so we hope you enjoy it!

    New Spawn
    That's right, with the help of our wonderful builder: GanMarco__, we have a brand-new spawn, donor area, shop, which is just begging to be explored! But wait there's more, this spawn will finally include the ability to /fly directly in the spawn; making exploring much easier!​

    The Summer Event

    This summer we're releasing the biggest event this year (probably)! This event has a pirate theme and was built by RockRevenchy and Sieanx. This event will also be host to a new Decorations crate, (Series Two) with another 180 different heads for you to decorate your islands with a summer feel. The event has 2 "minigames", you can left-click sand blocks to "dig" the sand and find loot as if you were a pirate. There's also 20 hidden buttons dotted around the event for players to find; upon finding them all, a hidden cove will be unlocked for the player to access! Don't worry the buttons aren't the ones in the road, they should be pretty obvious.​

    Some Other Changes

    We're proud to announce RockRevenchy's promotion from Helper to Mod! He's done a superb job at helping wherever he could, and would make his best effort to do a moderators job even as a Helper. Good job Rock, and congratulations!

    There's a new parkour made by Shaunie, visit it at /warp pk2; a new pvp arena made by Rock, it replaced the old one!

    There were some tweaks made to crates, hopefully making people want to actually use their keys!​
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    Eh, nobody else has commented on this so far, I don't know why, but I want to say "Great job all of you that has been involved in this". I'm really impressed with all the work you guys must have put into this! :D
    I've also noticed some great tricks that I can re-use on other places ;)
    Ty, guys for being an inspiration! :D
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