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    If you have been to warp staff recently then you should know that a lot of internal promotions have been made in a very short period of time. To keep everyone in the know I am listing them here:

    AmandaMarissa - Promoted to mod
    SixTSixSTANG - Promoted to mod
    ShauniePod - Promoted to admin
    Ellyohna - Promoted to helper
    EpicGamingLegend - Promoted to helper
    Peerbam - Promoted to helper
    DaintyTurtle - Promoted to helper

    Demotions - All these people have been demoted for inactivity
    Star5torm - Demoted from moderator
    Thor_Everett - Demoted from moderator
    DeathBlast - Demoted from admin
    Littlelulabear - Demoted from head admin
    XxRigidFearxX - Demoted from co-owner

    You can always view a list of staff members are /warp staff or at this link

    Make sure you congratulate those who have been promoted recently!
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