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    TL;DR: Title says it all

    In the event that you have not noticed yourself or have not read the shoutbox:

    In the past few days these forums have exploded with with people who can't wait to get back on OSB, well I am excited to announce that the server is back up! With plenty of bug fixes, tweaks and new features added!

    I don't blame people for being impatient about it being down for it's such a great server, however next time try to understand that these things take some time to happen.

    The old host did quite a number on the server and corrupted a lot of files, basically the reason for the holdup was that while the server was whitelisted, if any player logged in their entire player data got wiped! This included but was not limited to: their island, their inventory, their enderchest, and one if not more of their vaults. The technical reason for this problem is because on the old host the server was actually just a virtual machine on a much larger machine - this is normal for a server host. Well because of this, even though the server would restart, the RAM would not completely clear, it also just so happened that the server host was experiencing frequent power outages, these sudden shut offs were what was causing people to lose their inventory and enderchest data over the past few weeks. What we did not know at the time is that it was also corrupting many other files, we had no way of knowing this at the time because a non corrupted copy of these files were still actively being stored in the RAM, it was not until we switched hosts when we realized that all these files no longer worked properly. So Lee, Reags and Sammie worked tirelessly for hours on end to go through 2500 plus islands to manually fix everyone's island and reset the leader to the proper person, because of this unfortunate issue, people that were added and trusted on the islands no longer are, they will have to be added again by the island leader.

    New features include: a better leaderboard, new message when you hover over the server before joining, a super snazzy much cleaner looking tab list menu, and tons of behind the scenes things that make the server run faster and more efficiently!

    That is all, on behalf of all the staff, I hope you enjoy the server!

    P.S. (I know I like doing postscripts) All I really did is write this post, thank the Head Admin team for resetting everything up next time you see them! If you already have - thank them again!

    P.S.S (it means post super scriptum) To those of your who are impatient: Next time the server goes down like this, you need to understand that we are doing everything possible to get it back up as soon as possible, simply asking for an ETA is understandable, but seriously there are 10 pages of shoutbox with people complaining about the server being down. To me that is the equivalent to a building burning down and then everyone complaining to the firemen about it - They are trying to solve the problem and the case was the same here. Think about it.
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    Thank you very much for posting up this for us :)

    Me, Reags and Sammie must have spent about 30+ hours of constant work collectively to get all of the islands done. We also had help from cap and glitch to get things back to running order.

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