Shulker boxes & enderchests in spawn/donor

Discussion in 'Website and Server Suggestions' started by RockRevenchy, Apr 5, 2018.

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    Mar 7, 2018
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    as players uses more and more the shulker boxes it got me thinking, it'd be nice to have some tiny spots in zones such as spawn and donor in which everyone can place a block down and break it (like a 3x1x3 for example) just so we could in theory place a shulkerbox when shopping or farming a spawner in the donor area.

    alternatively, opening a shulkerbox within the inventory was an idea I also had altho I struggled to find a plugin which could do that (that one was the closest altho it doesnt seem like they update it much
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    What you described is pretty much like the idea of PlayerVaults (/pv) which we offer as a donor command. So I don't think we will add the shulker boxes but I did add enderchests in the donorzone and spawnshop.

    We did add 1 playervault to Extreme and 2 playervaults to Skymaster now.

    I hope this atleast fixes a part of your problem
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