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    Hey Guys!

    The start of Summer is almost here!

    We currently have a 50% off coupon code called: "Summer" that you can use in the online store: Donate - Original Skyblock
    This coupon code will last until August 31st at 11:59 pm (EST).

    A Summer Event is in the works - Will be available soon; so keep an eye out!
    Alot of fun stuff planned!

    Did you ever have trouble getting bonemeal to grow trees? Well now is your chance to dance your way to some fresh wood!
    Just simply stand beside or within 3 blocks of a sapling, and crouch repeatdely to dance for your trees!

    * You must be standing on the same level as the sapling for it to work.
    * Also costs a small amount of exp for the tree to grow.

    Happy Dancing!

    We have also updated the kits you can get from crates; you now get 16 of each Wool, Clay & Glass instead of 8 each.

    Update to Spawners and /eSpawner

    /eSpawner now works to change spawners to hostile mobs (Extreme+)

    IronGolems have been enabled and are available for purchase @ /warp donor

    ZombiePigman, WitherSkeleton, and IronGolem are the only mobs not available in /espawner

    * You must buy the spawners at the donorzone.

    * Iron ingots, Gold ingots, and Coal are now sellable for a small price @ /warp shop

    * Prices @ /warp shop may change in the upcoming weeks; as we are trying to not destroy the ecomony anytime soon.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns, please message a staff member via mail, or a message through discord.
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