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Discussion in 'Reports' started by Zeddez, Sep 24, 2016.

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    Sep 24, 2016
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    I was going to pay Jeditomski for "expanding" my cactus farm, so I gave him like 6 or 7 stacks of sand and the SAME amount of cactus, and ALOT of cobble, we're talking like a whole inventory, and some signs. A couple of minutes later he whispered me and said "This is my third layer". So I came and checked it out but realized that in reality he didn't even build 1 layer... So I told him that and he was like "The truth is, this is really boring". And I responded like "You dont have to build if you dont want to". So he gave back the items I gave him to build with and then left my island, but when I was looking through the items I realized that he had given me only 2 stacks of sand and 6-7 stacks of cactus. Which means he basiclly stole my sand, and I also realized that I only had gotten like 4-5 stacks of cobble. And because he didnt build anything he must have "stolen" it. I asked him about it but he did not respond. So yeah... Here I am basiclly, I am not sure if he stole anything from the chests, maybe he did, maybe not. I do not want to assume he stole from my chests if I do not have any proof of that.

    And yes, I know that I do not have any proof of this execpt if you read the /whisper conversation. But even if you do not do anything about this I still want you to keep an eye on him, so if any other person reports something like this you have 2 reports... or something... I dunno. Thats basiclly it.

    Thanks for your time, dear Zeddez.
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    Mar 4, 2016
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    Hello, I am Mervyn, Helper of OriginalSB, I have checked his last seen time and he was online at the time that you reported and we will need to wait for him to come online for further understanding and if he does not come online in 3 days then he will get a ban. We are so sorry for the late respond and thank you for your time

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