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    Mar 7, 2018
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    So I'm from canada, i'm currently 24 and my real name goes by Vincent
    I like friendly communities, I love pirate stuff, I like peanut butter, I like metal and I like unicycles altho I hate tomatoes, crying kiddos (on chat or RL, git gud scrub) I'm also very hard on veggies, not a whole lot I enjoy

    I'd say i'm overall a pretty patient guy but once people cross the line I can definitely hold grudges for quite a long time, I'm also often generous (even know I dislike active beggars ;p), I'm often open to debates and like to speak my mind against other folks but I very much despite people who doesnt take my arguments seriously and just plain ignore em or rage against my opinion without tangible reasons, if you cant hold a debate without loosing your mind then just step out man!

    I've also played minecraft since 2011, back when minecarts boosters were not made of gold but rather a whole bunch of minecart colliding and when repeaters were 3x2x1 instead of 1x1x1! heh technology am I right?....wait...

    I like building redstone contraptions and command block related systems! I'm also constantly developing an interest toward architecture and buildings in mc, other than MC I also tend to play PUBG and Overwatch, I'm also a big fan of cuphead, Valkyria chronicles, Brutal legend, sometimes rocket league, mad max and borderlands
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    Dec 28, 2017
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    Hi everyone!
    My username is DirtyCobble but I am usually nicknamed DC by most players. I have had the same username and skin since I created my Mojang account. I live in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. Although, I did live in Florida from 2009-2014, which is when I started playing minecraft (2012). I joined my first server in 2013 and eventually became a Head Admin there. I have played several other servers since then and I am very happy to call OSB my home server now.

    I am pretty laid back for the most part and try to get along with everyone. I do believe in earning what I need to build something cool, and don't care much for handouts. I am generous with my close friends because they too are generous with me and have the same belief in working hard to build something great for themselves in their space.

    I dislike scammers, griefers, beggars and complainers. Suck it up buttercup and vote, fish, make a farm, earn some money. I will help out a new member with some basic starter items and a little cash if they aren't begging for stuff.

    In my personal life, I have 2 amazing daughters and a cool son-in law, an awesome boyfriend with a wickedly witty sense of humor, who all put up with my shenanigans and quirky personality. We have 6 indoor cats who drive us crazy on a regular basis. I also feed the stray cats in the area and usually have about 10 that show up at the patio every night.

    Aside from family life, I am a bowler. Currently, I am on 2 leagues and occasionally bowl in tournaments. My average is about 190. Other than minecraft, I play Clash Royale, enjoy puzzle/word type games, and love board games. I enjoy going to yard sales, thrift stores, and looking for bargains. I am a pretty good cook, but really love to bake. I frequently make treats and desserts to share with friends and family.

    I guess that's about it for me. Thanks for reading.
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