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    just gotta love how the staff is handling situations here.

    cam u just must love to be a complete moron
    Gay RatToday at 12:46 AM
    When y'all never see me again online you will know why.
    :[Immortal]: Kade » we don't care
    I would say this is way worse than joking about giving someone a rope
    he talked about suicide and stuff like that and says that he will kill himself and get a -redacted- WE DONT CARE I would say that it is very offensive but I guess if you have some kind of fame on here and being liked by the staff you can do whatever you want.
    good to know HYPOCRITE
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    Congratuations! In addition to your mute you are now banned from the forums as well. Your forum ban will expire January 1st 2021, hopefully that's enough time for you to learn some basic human decency and respect, but I sincerely doubt it. Continuously insulting the server staff after your appeal is really quite pathetic.

    Great, so you know that it was Rock who muted you.

    Wow, it looks like someone has an issue with women in positions of power?

    You are utterly repulsive.

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