The past few weeks have been eventful so we decided to release the latest news and information all in one place. We'll start by saying that the past 2 months have been absolutely amazing, we have made all sorts of changes to the server from an administrators perspective via backend modifications to reduce lag, from an individual player's perspective by adding more features and opportunities, as well as the general communities perspective by virtually eliminating the drama among staff and players. From here we only plan on moving foward, making the player's experience more enjoyable and giving the community more input on what we do. Below you will find what the newest news and information is, why you need to know it, and if applicable how to access it.

Daily Bonus Key

We have a new crate called the daily bonus crate. You now get special daily bonus keys instead of voting keys from the daily bones prizes. As always you can access the daily bonus menu via the NPC at spawn or the command /dailybonus (/db).

Staff Changes

Emmy145 has decided to leave the staff team because she cannot be online as much due to her education and training. We wish her all the best.

Xx_Mervyn_xX has also decided to step down from his role as helper. He did not give us a reason why.

Top Players

As always the top players for last month have been posted here.

You can also view them at the warp halloffame, hof, or top.

Removed vanish for Immortal

We have been discussing removing the vanish command from Immortal for months now and we came to a recent conclusion that it would be for the best. We have plans to replace it with something else in the near future.

Added Colour Chat Back

Once again adding chat colour back is something we have been discussing for a little while, we decided to add it back for the Overlord rank, all ranks above Overlord automatically also have it and the command is /cc or /gcc. This is partially as a compromise for removing vanish.

Shop Plots

We still have lots of unclaimed builds at the spawn plots, if you have a farm on a plot make sure you tell an admin which one is yours so we can mark it accordingly, for more information on this read this post.

Spooky Prefixes

All the prefixes have been changed back to the defaults as of now.

All of the chat prefixes have been changed to fit the Halloween spirit (Thanks to Sammie's creative mind), if you're confused on which rank is which, refer to this list:

[Member] -> [ShadowWalker]

[VIP] -> [TrickorTreator]

[Elite] -> [ZombieSlayer]

[Extreme] -> [VampireSlayer]

[Skymaster] -> [WerewolfSlayer]

[God] -> [WitchHunter]

[Overlord] -> [DemonHunter]

[Titan] -> [PumpkinKing]

[Immortal] -> [Poltergeist]

[Mystic] -> [HellHound]

The staff prefixes still contain the acronym of what rank they are.

Chory Contest Results

For those of you who entered into the Chory Content hosted by RizbanR, the contest is now over. The plant dropped 3,700 Chorus Fruit! Samuellll won the grand prize and doranchak got 2nd place. More information on the official post.


We got the playtime command back (all previous times were reset) you can check your total time spent on the server anytime in game by typing /playtime

Plug dj integration is back on the server. You can forcibly see what song is playing with the /dj command and you can turn off the automatic popups with "/dj toggle". Feel free to come join us, just be sure to follow the rules listed here.

Marry Chat

We enabled marriage chat a few weeks ago but some people are still uninformed, so if you are married in game you can do /mc or "/marry chat" to talk to your spouse privately.

Halloween Events

Thanks to those of you who participated in the Halloween scavenger hunt. Purpool won the grand prize and fbjghuy got second place. More information on the official post.

A scavenger hunt and skin competition are in the works, more information on this to come.

Thank you all for playing on OSB,

~OSB Staff
Hey Everyone, I would like to thank you all for your patience that you all have had while the Staff Team has delt with this server situation.

I'm happy to announce that the server is now back up and running; if any problems arise please let a Staff Member know and we will gladly attempt to fix it for you.

We have also added a new One-Time Kit called "Sorry", we have given this kit to our community as a "Thank-you" gift to show our gratatude for everyones patience, this is also a "Sorry" gift to apologize for the server downtime.

Once again, Thank-You!
OSB Staff Team ~