I added some more donor perks! To replace /stack for skymasters and up, you can now put experience into bottles with /bottle get {amount of exp} or /bottle get max {which will give you the max amount of bottles you can get with the amount of experience you have}, you can also do /bottle stats to see how much experience you have. To replace colour chat for Overlords and up, you now keep your experience on death, so if you die your exprience will not vanish. I know this might not be as cool as colour chat but it will do for now. There may be more donor perks added soon. I hope you all enjoy these new things.

The End!

The End has been added! Since the end in 1.8 is just the main one island, it will be reset every month, due to it being reset every month there will be a dragon fight each month. To get to the end you will have to complete a challenge and get the reward for it, which are end frames or you can go the cheaty way and do /warp end instead. I hope you all enjoy!

Promotions and Demotions!

We are looking for staff. So please, put in an application if you feel you're qualified for being a staff member. (Need staff outside the US)

Mod - ItzSamuel_
Helper - ItsQuakePop & PacMan_Hero. (This is only for a two week trial to see how they go.)


sixTsixSTANG - He quit the staff team due to needing to work and being inactive. He feels that the position should be given to someone who is active.
Ellyohna - Elly got demoted due to having health issues and we thought it would be better to not let the stress of the server make it worse.
JordanShad - Jordan asked to be demoted due to personal reasons and he thought someone more active would like the position more.


Auction is now working again! Only problem at the moment is the fact you have to do /auction and write out the whole word instead of /auc, hopefully we'll be able to fix this as soon as possible, to all the people that hate the auction spam, you can now do /auction spam, which ignores all the spam or you can do /auction ignore which makes you ignore all the auctions and you won't be able to see if someone is auctioning something. Auction House will be back as soon as we fix that. Thank you to all that have been patient during this time.

Valentines Contest!

Yes, I know it has been nearly 2 months since the contest but I have been on vacation and not had any internet. I will make the prizes as soon as possible but there are more important things to do with the server first. I'll get to this as soon as possible.

T-Shirt Competition!

You can choose the winners. Click here to vote.

These are the top three:

Click here to view the entries.

Colour chat!

This has been removed due to the fact there was a lot of colours in the chat and it started to be quite difficult to read. Staff still have colour chat because it's easier to see what they say. I do apologise to everyone that is upset with this change but the chat was quite annoying and hard to read with the spam of colours. To everyone that bought colour chat, message Sammie or I and we will either give you two spawners or two trails, please decide on which one you would rather. Please remember that we can check who has actually bought colour chat so do not say you have bought it when you haven't just to get free things.

Thanks for reading!

Hey everyone! As you should already know, the server has been up for 2 years and the staff really wanted to do something special to celebrate this milestone.

So we came up with the idea to have a t-shirt making competition, it’s really simple: Design a T-Shirt with the OSB Logo (it doesn't have to be the exact one that we have, feel free to be as creative as you want).

It has to include something on it that relates to our 2 year milestone and show that it’s a sky block related server. Having something on the back is always great, it may even strengthen your chances of winning but if you don't put something on the back, don't stress, you can still win.

MAKE IT UNIQUE, this is super important as it will be used to represent the server and if you win you’ll have the rewarding feeling of knowing that you designed that t-shirt.

-Winners will have their design printed on a t-shirt and sent to them (free of charge).

-The t-shirt will also be sold on the OSB donation shop for everyone on the server to purchase.

If you have any questions, feel free to message myself or any of the staff or you can just reply to this post.

Good luck!