There has been quite a few promotions this week. Congratulations to all the staff that have recently got promoted. And congratulations to all the people that have become staff. Make sure to give them a congrats when you see them online. You're all wonderful people and have been doing a great job and I hope to see all the helpers do a great job ^-^

Here is the list:
Admin - ShauniePod
Mod - AmandaMarissa & sixTsixSTANG
Helper - Ellyohna, EpicGamingLegend, Peerbam & DaintyTurtle

We have also demoted the inactive staff.


Donors can now set multiple homes.
VIP can set 2 homes.
Elite can set 3.
Extreme can set 4.
Skymaster can set 5.
God can set 6.
Overlord can set 7.
Titan can set 8.
And Immortal can set 9.

Mob Arena
Yes, we know it's down and yes, we know it's really upsetting that it's not up. But a lot of the staff have been trying to put it back up but there's problems with it like mobs not spawning. We are trying are best to fix this problem asap. We apologise that it's down and hopefully it'll be up soon.

Halloween Event
This event is now over. Thank you all who participated in the event. Congratulations to these winners!
1st place - beccaw12345
2nd place - connerocks061
3rd place - EpicGamingLegend

Halloween Skin Contest
A big thank you to AmandaMarissa for hosting this event. This event is also now over. I hope you all participated! Congratulations to these winners!
1st place - kadethecaptain & SanaWarriorGirl
2ns place - EpicGamingLegend
3rd place - Zootert

You can now go to /warp Trading. This will help with any people you don't trust and is a safe way to trade. Thank you to sixTsixSTANG and DUMsmellaDUMDUM for building it.

Thank you for reading.

More donor perks have been added and more may be added soon. Every donor rank has pets. Special pets like Giant, Guardian, Wither, Ender Dragon are available for purchase now.


The buycraft has been updated, you can buy more commands and a few more extra things. I think it looks pretty. It took me awhile to do it so I hope you all like it.


Crates are now here! This feature was suggested a lot and now, it's finally added! I hope you all enjoy the crates as much as I do. This took me awhile to configure so I hope it was all worth it. I really hope everyone enjoys the crates.

You get a crate key by voting! To get all the voting links in game do /vote. Go to /warp crate and then click the chest with the key. There's a lot of cool prizes to get from crates like Dragon Eggs, Mob Spawners, Money, Diamonds and much much more.

New Staff and Promotions!

Congratulations to our new staff! I hope you all like them as much as we do. Our staff list is also updated. Good luck to our new staff! I hope to see you guys do an excellent job.

Make sure to give these staff a congratulations when you see them.

Helper - sixTsixSTANG, AmandaMarissa & 1stGlitch

Mod - ShauniePod

If you want to have a chance becoming apart of our staff team, remember to apply! Click here to apply. If you are thinking of applying please read this forum post. It will help you out.

Thanks for reading.