Promotions and Demotions!

Mod - YannyHealy
Head Admin - 1stGlitch
Co-Owner - Reags

DaintyTurtle - She left the staff due to personal reasons.
ItsShadowFang - He got demoted due to abusing his rank.
legaan - He got demoted due to inactivity.

Valentines Day/Contest!

Because it's nearly Valentines day, spawn is now decorated thanks to ShauniePod and Reags.
There is now a Valentines crate, this is a contest! You get a key every hour and to win the contest you have to collect every item in the crate then post it on the forums. First 3 win a prize.

2 Years?!

Original Skyblock has been up for nearly 2 years! I'm really glad to be apart of this server and I hope you all enjoy the server as a lot of us put a lot of time and effort into it to make it all enjoyable for you! ^-^ Because we have been up for 2 years there is a 50% off sale use the coupon 2year. There is a Twitter contest as well! Go to and retweet the contest tweet and follow! We will also have a few other contests so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading.


This is really delayed but I still want to say all the promotions anyway~

Helper - MattyHealyTrash, Steggy_Shad
Mod - DaintyTurtle, legaan
Admin - AmandaMarissa

Peerbam decided to leave the staff team as she felt she wasn't active enough and her spot could be replaced with someone else who was active.

Top players

You can now check this link to see the top players of the server. You can also go to /warp HallOfFame or for short /warp HOF for short.

New Commands

/ah - Auction house, you can put items in here and it can sell while you're offline.
/lottery - Lottery, do /lot buy [1-5] to buy 1-5 tickets and take your chances to win the lottery money.

Reset Keys/New Crate

Since it has been a month since the reset, you can no longer use these keys! Soon the crate will be replaced with another crate and I will update this with more information once I finish it.


Mob Arena is still down and we're trying to fix it as much as we can. It'll be up as soon as we finish it and we'll try to get it up as soon as possible for your enjoyment!
Spleef is also still down and it'll also will be fixed as soon as possible. It'll will be lovely if everyone has some patience with this during this time.

New Rank

Thank you all for voting for the new rank name, the rank name that won is Mystic! This new rank comes with a whole new kit and one new huge perk! With this rank though, you will be no longer allowed on the /is top or /baltop as you have creative! With the kit you will have to claim it in survival as you will not be able to place down spawners or dragon eggs and you only get it every 2 weeks. With this rank you also get a few new pets, the zombie pet, the giant pet and the guardian pet. You can also get one extra biome with this rank and that is the flower forest biome. You will be able to buy this rank once all our tests with it have been sorted out. You do not have to buy this rank, you are donating towards the server staying up and it's just a perk you get for donating, we're not going to force you to purchase this rank, if you would like the rank, I would like to thank you for purchasing it :)

Thank you for reading~