Hello lovely people of OSB! As you all know there was a problem with our old host going down and suddenly closing down. Unfortunatley, due to this we had to reset and the server was down for quite a while. We do apologise. To the people who have bought items, you will get them back as you didn't have a chance to use them. If people bought these items months ago, you will not get them back as you had a chance to use them. Hopefully that makes sense. There will be bugs, please let a staff member know if you find a bug, do not abuse these bugs. Now, there are quite a few changes with this reset and I will list them all here, it's quite long so if I bore you let me know. :p

New Builds!
Obviously when theres a reset there is also a new spawn, new donor area and much much more. I thought I would do this in apprecation to the server staff. I would like to thank, ItsShadowFang, Sammie1502, ShauniePod, 1stGlitch, AmandaMarissa, DaintyTurtle, sixTsixSTANG, legaan and EpicGamingLegend for all helping out. And of course Peerbam and Ellyohna for telling me bugs <3

New Things!
A mall! Go here to make your shops so you don't need to tell everyone the warp 24/7! It does come with a price though, bigger plots - more money. (this is not finished and this will be removed once finished)

Games! Chat games, there will be a bunch of trivia questions, math, whoever can be the first to type a word and decoding words. First person who answers the questions will win some money.

Notifier! Do @[Someones ign here] to get their attention easier. For example: "@Reags I need help"

Tags! Staff and donors now have their rank above their head.

Play time! You can now check how long you have been playing all together. /playtime

Trading! Do /trade {player} to trade with them freely. To accpet the trade do /trade accept {player}. If you don't want trade requests do /trade ignore.

Crates! Now this isn't exactly new but there's new things about it. Theres 3 new crates on this reset. The first crate is the vote crate, get keys through voting. The second is the reset crate, I made this to apologise for the reset, you get every hour, it appears in your inventory. The third is the rare crate, if you're lucky you can get a key through voting or from other crates or you can also buy them or from games.
The fourth is the golden crate, I'm sure your all familiar with this one, you can get keys from games, other crates or buying them.

Behind the scenes!
Now this isn't something on the server and most people ignore. But 1stGlitch, Reags and ItsShadowFang have been working hard on all the plugins to make it the best experience for everyone, I think we put up a wonderful server and we all worked really hard on it. Please show your thanks to all the staff and the owners for making this server possible.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoy the new changes ^-^
There has been quite a few promotions this week. Congratulations to all the staff that have recently got promoted. And congratulations to all the people that have become staff. Make sure to give them a congrats when you see them online. You're all wonderful people and have been doing a great job and I hope to see all the helpers do a great job ^-^

Here is the list:
Admin - ShauniePod
Mod - AmandaMarissa & sixTsixSTANG
Helper - Ellyohna, EpicGamingLegend, Peerbam & DaintyTurtle

We have also demoted the inactive staff.


Donors can now set multiple homes.
VIP can set 2 homes.
Elite can set 3.
Extreme can set 4.
Skymaster can set 5.
God can set 6.
Overlord can set 7.
Titan can set 8.
And Immortal can set 9.

Mob Arena
Yes, we know it's down and yes, we know it's really upsetting that it's not up. But a lot of the staff have been trying to put it back up but there's problems with it like mobs not spawning. We are trying are best to fix this problem asap. We apologise that it's down and hopefully it'll be up soon.

Halloween Event
This event is now over. Thank you all who participated in the event. Congratulations to these winners!
1st place - beccaw12345
2nd place - connerocks061
3rd place - EpicGamingLegend

Halloween Skin Contest
A big thank you to AmandaMarissa for hosting this event. This event is also now over. I hope you all participated! Congratulations to these winners!
1st place - kadethecaptain & SanaWarriorGirl
2ns place - EpicGamingLegend
3rd place - Zootert

You can now go to /warp Trading. This will help with any people you don't trust and is a safe way to trade. Thank you to sixTsixSTANG and DUMsmellaDUMDUM for building it.

Thank you for reading.