More donor perks have been added and more may be added soon. Every donor rank has pets. Special pets like Giant, Guardian, Wither, Ender Dragon are available for purchase now.


The buycraft has been updated, you can buy more commands and a few more extra things. I think it looks pretty. It took me awhile to do it so I hope you all like it.


Crates are now here! This feature was suggested a lot and now, it's finally added! I hope you all enjoy the crates as much as I do. This took me awhile to configure so I hope it was all worth it. I really hope everyone enjoys the crates.

You get a crate key by voting! To get all the voting links in game do /vote. Go to /warp crate and then click the chest with the key. There's a lot of cool prizes to get from crates like Dragon Eggs, Mob Spawners, Money, Diamonds and much much more.

New Staff and Promotions!

Congratulations to our new staff! I hope you all like them as much as we do. Our staff list is also updated. Good luck to our new staff! I hope to see you guys do an excellent job.

Make sure to give these staff a congratulations when you see them.

Helper - sixTsixSTANG, AmandaMarissa & 1stGlitch

Mod - ShauniePod

If you want to have a chance becoming apart of our staff team, remember to apply! Click here to apply. If you are thinking of applying please read this forum post. It will help you out.

Thanks for reading.

The server has been reset! There has been a lot of questions asking why is has been reset and here are your answers. One of the main reasons why it reset is because we have transferred hosts (This also fixes the lag). Another reason is because of 1.8! Now we know that there will be bugs, it just opened, if you have any bugs you would like to report, please go to the correct section of the forums (This is the bug report section) and report it there. We will try to fix all the bugs as soon as possible. Big thanks to Lee for doing all the behind the scenes stuff like the plugins (I helped a little with the auction colours but sh) and much more. Lee and Cap worked really hard to get this server up and running so make sure to give them your thanks.

Here's a few things that are new:
1. Spawn! This spawn is small and simple and I quite like it and I hope you all do too. Spawn was built by Lee, Sammie and I.

2. Shop! Yes, I know some people hated the old shop and some may hate this new shop but I did up the price to the selling part. It's also a bit bigger then the old one. You can no longer sell things in your kits because it's too overpowered and makes the donors run the whole server.

3. Donor zone! Sammie and I spent hours on this area and I'm proud of the work we did, I think it looks amazing. The only thing that's new in this area is probably the donor castle and the hostile mob farm. The donor castle is there just for the looks really, maybe we can add a few things to it later, if you have an idea please let us know.

4. PVP! The arena has been made and now it's time to battle it out! May the odds ever be in your favour. PVP arena was built by Sammie with a little bit of help from Reags.

5. Parkour! This may look horribly long but trust me the reward will be worth it. There will be checkpoints added and you wont be able to fly. Sammie did build the parkour and all jumps are possible as it has been tested by Reags (Yes, it was difficult). This is still a work in progress and isn't available to the public yet.

6. Maze! There will be a maze, filled with a few levels in it and hopefully a reward. The maze was built by Lee. This is also not available to the public but will be soon.

7. Mob arena! It is back! With a brand new arena which was built by Sammie and Reags. I hope everyone gets the reference, if not I will cry.

8. Spleef! New mini-game has been added! Money is the reward if you win. Go to /warp games to join. More mini-games may be added soon.

9. Donor perks! If you haven't already noticed there are a few new perks to donors. More may be added soon, if you have any suggestions, post a reply.
Elite+ get /recipe.
Extreme+ get /craft.
Skymaster+ get /stack.
GOD+ get /smelt.
Overlord+ get /cc (chat colour).

Hopefully I got everything. If you have any further questions don't be hesitant to ask. I hope you all enjoy Original Skyblock 2.0! ^-^